The successful adaptation of cloud technologies is not a matter to be dealt with by a single department. It has a range of technical, organizational and cultural aspects.


An initial assessment forms the basis for a needs-based consulting service. Some customers have already formulated their cloud strategy and are in the middle of implementing it. Other customers are just starting their cloud journey. However, we do not believe in generic questionnaires as we know the typical pain points in companies. Therefore, we choose to go where it hurts. The clearer the picture of business drivers, hindering conditions, opportunities and risks at the beginning, the more successfully cloud projects can be implemented.


The cloud offers unimagined degrees of freedom, but also imposes new responsibilities on the user and dictates the speed of innovation. At the same time, IT security and compliance with regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly important. The definition and (!) implementation of effective cloud governance forms the basis for a successful use of the cloud. We help you define your "cloud house rules" and implement them in your company with technical, organizational and cultural measures. Our consulting team draws from their decades of professional and management experience within companies and industries of all sizes.


After you have defined the guidelines within your Cloud Governance, we support you with the technical implementation. Whether you want to gain initial experience in the cloud, optimize existing application architectures or migrate entire data centers. Our onboarding teams of cloud architects and site reliability engineers will support you. Depending on your needs, we can take on individual work packages, relieve your development department of operational tasks or take over complete responsibility for migration and operation. Our standard is simple: we don't build anything that we don't subsequently guarantee functioning for.

Cloud Center of Excellence

The introduction of cloud technologies is not just an IT issue. Rather, it changes how IT will be consumed in the future. For this reason, different roles and actors must work together to ensure the success of cloud projects. In practice, interdisciplinary and agile working methods have proven themselves, which are bundled by a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE). We support you in this organizational and cultural process while adding proven procedures suitable for your organization. Our Enterprise Architects will help you integrate all the business functions required for the success of your cloud project.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services

CLOUDETEER Managed Cloud Services address the daily obstacles and issues that arise when building and operating complex cloud infrastructures. The modular structure of our Managed Service Offerings, Cloud.GO & Cloud.PRO, offers our customers maximum flexibility and the free choice of which applications are to be supported.

We combine technology with automation and provide accomplished experts to ensure ongoing architecture, security and daily operations, around the clock.
The high degree of automation enables CLOUDETEER to offer attractively priced packages without sacrificing quality. All our services follow the required SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) principle.

Our Services



You take care of your business, we migrate and manage your modern cloud infrastructure. SECURE. AGILE. INNOVATIVE.
We provide the tools, management and expertise you need throughout the cloud lifecycle. Just contact us with any questions.

Entry-Level Package
  • Do you run your environment on your own, but need to consult one of our certified Site Reliability Engineers? Are architectural adaptations necessary? Do you need short-term support to ensure your operation? Use our multi-cloud expertise as your extended workbench. Our Cloud.GO package price allows you to realize this need cost-effectively and ad hoc.

    Cloud.GO customers benefit from our Cloud Dashboard, which simplifies today’s multi-cloud challenges such as cost management, resource visibility, access to security-related information, and recommendations on availability and performance. A monthly report with an incident, security and resource overview makes Cloud.GO an added value that shows customers a variety of optimization options and full transparency of their multi-cloud environment.
All-Round Carefree Package
  • As an extension to existing Cloud.GO contracts or for new customers. Our modular Cloud.PRO packages can be used for many types of cloud services (e.g. PaaS, IaaS as well as individual cloud application scenarios). Cloud.PRO services always include the monitoring and optimization (cost, security, resources) of the used cloud services, through our Multi-Cloud Operations Stack (Ops.STACK).

    If required, we offer our customers 24x7 coverage for business-critical workloads. Among other things, we operate virtual servers, complex Managed Kubernetes environments, DataLakes, Managed Databases and support you in modernizing your application landscape. Our Site Reliability Engineering Lifecycle Management offers a comprehensive DevOps tool chain that is available to your company for the development, testing, provisioning and monitoring of cloud services. Always in keeping with the motto: “Maximum Automation and Transparency“.

Both versions contain* our highly professional open source monitoring stack (CLOUDETEER Ops.STACK), based on Kubernetes and Elasticsearch. In addition to extensive monitoring options, our Multi-Cloud Dashboard offers you an overview of all costs and resources (Azure / AWS / GCP). In addition, a continuous review of all critical recommendations for security, performance and availability takes place.

* The costs of the necessary infrastructure components on Azure / AWS / GCP are to be borne by the customer. All components will run in your cloud environment and no critical data is passed on externally.


Already today, as the management of multi-cloud environments is becoming more and more complex, such environments can hardly be managed without additional tools. However, such cloud management tools are often expensive and might do not fit into the respective project budgets.
The system status of components, cost transparency and current metrics on system security and system performance are, however, of central importance for every project and for every budget manager.

This is exactly where our CLOUDETEER Ops.STACK comes in. In addition to the powerful event management based on ElasticSearch, we provide information from the cloud environment on our central dashboard Cloud.DEEP_VIEW. Customizable and secure, as your data remains within the cloud.

Thanks to the technical structure, which is completely based on open source components, the use of the Ops.STACK is free of charge for Managed Service customers, only costs for the infrastructure used are incurred.

- Scalable infrastructure for any size thanks to Kubernetes
- One-click deployment
- Multi Cloud Dashboard (CLOUDETEER Cloud.DEEP_VIEW) for Cost & Resource Management, Cloud Health and Performance & Security
- Multiple options for integration
- Event / Alarmmanagement
- Customizable


The CLOUDETEER Cloud.REPORT helps our customers keep a collected overview of their multi-cloud environment. In addition to important cloud provider specific metrics, customers receive a work report of the past month, as well as KPI / SLA and SLI / SLO evaluations.

The report is available in two versions:

The Basic Report as part of a Cloud.GO contract contains basic information about the costs incurred for all considered cloud environments. Furthermore, a tabular listing of the resources used is included. The report is completed by an overview of the current status of the tickets in the managed service offer Cloud.DESK.

The Extended version, as part of a Cloud.PRO contract, contains all information of the basic report and extends the scope significantly.

This report contains among other things the following information:
- An overview of the performed backups
- Notes and listings of the occurred alarms
- Performance evaluations of virtual machines
- Notes on optimizations in the cloud environment
- Update status of virtual machines

In addition, the contents can be adapted to the individual needs of each customer.